You wake with a jump and you just really want to get laid. No cigarette or alcohol could substitute the need for an orgasm. (M for explicit sexual content and language)

You woke with a jump. It was pitch black in your room except for the single beam of moonlight coming through the curtains and shining a spotlight on your skin. You shifted in bed, groaning your disapproval as you checked the time. 3:24 AM. Of course, it had to be in the middle of the damn night. You pouted to yourself, crossing your arms over your eyes and huffing your dissatisfaction and disapproval of the entire situation. That was when you got this weird feeling in you. It felt like the need to fulfill something, like maybe have a cigarette, or a drink- perhaps an orgasm.

No, no. That was too lewd, you told yourself. That maybe that cigarette that you thought of was what you needed. So, you smoked a cigarette in your bed, expecting the feeling to subside. Instead, the craving got worse. You needed contact. Your body didn’t want a cigarette or a drink, it wanted that orgasm. You should have known, considering that idea stood out to you the most in the first place- even though you originally thought it stood out because it was so severely different than the other ideas. You acted on your craving though, slipping out of bed and down the hall to Hank’s room.

You stood outside the door for a second, wondering if this was a good idea or not. But, you and Hank had been friends ever since you both started living in Charles’s home with him. Hank had taken a liking to you immediately, and you had always had feelings for him. He was this adorable, nerdy guy who you sort of put on a pedestal, but for all the right reasons. He was smart, he was a genius in breakthrough technology and scientific procedures and experiments. The more he fawned over his work, the more you fell in love with him.

You eventually professed your feelings to Hank. You had told him that you had strong feelings for him, that you weren’t sure if it was love yet but you felt like it could be. He admitted he’d felt the same way about you and that he needed you in his life. From then on, you were caught with him a few times kissing in the science section of Charles’s library. You were also caught curled up in your bed on the cold winter night when Charles opened all the windows. Charles had said that you were “made for each other”, so what you were doing now wouldn’t be considered using him, would it?

Without a second thought, you opened the door slowly. The wooden monster creaked as you opened it, and creaked as you shut it. The lock clicked and you saw Hank in his bed, buried in the covers and fast asleep. You padded your way to the edge of the bed, gently sitting on it and grabbing Hank’s shoulders.

“Hank,” You said quietly, furrowing your eyebrows.

“Hank,” You said again, louder and a bit firmer. He stirred then, opening his eyes and turning to look at you.

“What, (y/n)?” His groggy and sleep deprived voice asked. He reached for the bedside table and grabbed his glasses in an attempt to get a better look at you. He slid them on and saw that you were biting your lip. He sat up and studied your face, getting close enough to rile your thoughts. You could only think about the centimeters that were between you two now, how easy it would be to press a kiss to his lips.

“Why did you wake me up?” He questioned, looking at you for a second before you swallowed hard.

“I need to come,” You admitted a bit quietly, a blush coming to your cheeks. Hank nodded slowly, not giving it much thought in his half awake state, leaning in to give you a quick kiss. This wasn’t something that happened too too often, this whole thing of having sex with each other. Hank was usually super shy about it, but you were always fiesty and ready to go. Hank was uncomfortable with his body and you were in love with it. It was a weird relationship that sometimes didn’t make any sense- but it was your relationship with him and you loved it.

Hank continued to kiss you, leaning into you while you melted into him. You gripped his shoulders, pulling him in closer and moaning against his lips when his hands tightened around your waist. You parted the kiss for only a second, breathing out his name against his lips before he closed the distance again for a moment, then shifting so you were lying down. He kept kissing you, laying between your legs and grinding against you. You shifted, trying not to let the pleasure overwhelm you quite yet. You were getting flustered easily, considering that this was what you’d wanted since you woke up. Hank’s lips moved to your neck, pressing gently at first. You shivered, gripping his arms gently and gasping as the pressure of his kisses increased. Soon he was burying his face in your neck, kissing you all over your neck and chest now.

You wanted to make him feel as good as he was making you feel. You wrapped your legs around his waist, seemingly urging him to continue, earning a groan from him. Instead, you used that to roll him so he was underneath you. His pajama pants grew uncomfortable and you could see, even in the little bit of light that was coming in through the window, that he was red and panting slightly. Your lips met his again for a moment, then you slid down his body. You let your nails run down his pale skin, watching it become coated in goosebumps within seconds. Your thumbs hooked on the inside of his pajama pants and you slid them off, thanks to him raising his hips to help you get them off. You tossed them to the floor, forming a small pile of clothes. Then, you grabbed his boxers and soon enough they joined in on the pile.

Hank was a mess even right then, and you hadn’t even started doing anything. You spat in the palm of your hand and watched the kid shiver under you, making you smirk as you wrapped your hand around his length. He gasped at the sudden contact, the contrasting warmth of your hand against the chilled air of the room. You slowly started to work him, pumping him with your hand. Hank gripped at the sheets, watching you work as you sat back on your heels and slid your hand up and down his length. He cursed once or twice, biting his lip and turning his head away with red cheeks and furrowed eyebrows.

“(Y/n),” He whined, bucking his hips up against your fluid movements around his member. You kept this up for a little while until Hank yelped, “Off, off!”

“Shhh!” You shushed him quickly, causing him to clam up while you took your hand off of him. “You’ll wake Charles,” you warned.

“He’s a heavy sleeper,” He breathed out, making up the excuse and causing you to smile and let out a huff of a laugh. You shared a quick kiss while Hank sifted around in his nightstand’s drawer for a condom. He grabbed one, feeling the metallic-foil-esque wrapper before yanking it out and tearing it open with his teeth. You were honestly shocked by how hot that was, or that he even knew how to do that- but you weren’t asking many questions. Hank sat up after pulling the condom from the foil and rolling it onto himself, grabbing you and pulling you into him a bit. He was trying to get his message across and you reddened at his motion. This is exactly what I came in here for, you reminded yourself.

You sat on his lap, carefully shifting so you sat fully, lowering yourself onto his length. Hank’s hands were gently grasping your waist at first, but the more you slid down the tighter his hands got.

“Are you okay?” He asked you, causing you to nod while you slowly adjusted to him. He waited for a second, and you put your hands on his chest and pushed him to the bed. He let out a soft, shaky sigh and you started to rock back and forth on him, your finger splayed across his chest to try and give yourself some balance while you rode him. Eventually you were able to pick yourself up and down, grinding down into him and causing him to fist at the sheets. He gasped, groaned and bit down on his lip, murmuring sweet nothings to you over the slight creaking of the wooden bedframe.

“I love you,” “God, you’re perfect,” “Don’t stop,” You didn’t want him to stop talking to you. He sounded so perfect underneath you.

You rode him until Hank could do nothing but pant, adjusting his glasses before he choked out, “I’m going to come, (y/n), please…” He gripped your waist and you gasped, moving as fast as you could. You alternated between moving up and down and rocking and with one fast squeeze of your hips and a yelp of your name, he came. You weren’t far behind him, using his orgasm to help you ride out your own. When you were both through, you rolled off of him and helped him get cleaned up. You shook your head and you both climbed back into bed, curling up together.

“I love you,” He said to you, taking off his glasses and folding them up so they could safely sit on the bedside table.

“I love you too,” You sighed and he kissed your forehead. Hank was always there when you needed him.