Bucky’s drafted into the war and you’re devastated. (T for mentions of sex)

Bucky Barnes was your best friend, had been since you were kids. You, him, and Steve were like the Three Musketeers- inseparable and unbreakable. Or at least, you all had thought so. They hit about twelve years old and Steve had this infatuation with the military. Bucky would play along with it, he would always play soldier or army with Steve. You would watch them because you said you didn’t want to play. Your father had died in the first World War and you didn’t want anything to do with wars or the simulation of them.

But then, one of the worst things possible happened. Another war started up. Adolf Hitler, a man leading a brainwashed army in Germany, had started to kill people. He killed people to save his ‘dominant’ Aryan race based on skin colour, religion, and even sexual preference. Bucky was drafted. He’d come home after a few beers, as you three lived together. You were sitting on the couch, reading a magazine about what was happening in the world. The door creaked open and you looked up from the nicely coloured pages to see a slightly buzzed Bucky.

“Welcome home,” You said simply, the corner of your mouth quirking into a smile.

“(Y/n), I have something to tell you.” Bucky sounded pretty serious despite the slight alcohol-induced slur to his voice.

“Well tell me,” You urged him with a smile. It only lasted for a second, seeing as he wasn’t smiling. You closed the magazine and furrowed your eyebrows.

“Bucky, c’mon. What is-?”

“I got drafted, (y/n).”

You stared, blinking once or twice before letting out a weak huff of a laugh.

“Bucky, you’re kidding right?”

His face stayed stone cold, and your eyes started to sting with tears.
“No, no, you have to be kidding,” You cried, standing up and putting your hands on your face, as if you could have shielded yourself from the words that had already dug deep into your skin.

“(Y/n),” He started, trying to reason with you. Any slur was gone now, he was past his buzzed state and now fully concerned with you.

“You can’t go!” You yelled, turning to look at him. Your lower lip curled and your hands clenched. You started to shake before letting out a sob. Bucky held his hands out, stepping towards you and gently cupping your shoulders in his hands.

You drew your shoulders in tightly and cried, “They can’t take you too, I can’t lose you!”
Bucky sighed and pulled you into his chest. You swung your arms around him, crossing them at the wrists and hugging him tightly while you broke down into tears.

“I promise I’ll be alright. You know I will be,” He tried to convince you, seeing that it wasn’t working. You weren’t looking at him at all, your eyes red, swollen and puffy while your face was buried in his chest.

Bucky’s hand went to your hair, gently petting it while you held him close to you. When you finally broke, your hand went to swipe the tears away from your eyes and you shook your head. Bucky looked you over before gently rubbing your shoulders, then he started for his room.

“Wait,” You choked out, drawing back into yourself. He turned and looked at you.

“Stay with me tonight. Please,” You begged. He nodded, muttering some form of agreement before he returned to you, placing his hand on your lower back and sort of steering you towards your room. You walked together slowly, getting there while Bucky helped you sit down on the bed. He closed the door and joined you, sitting beside you.

You didn’t want him to go. You needed him like he was air and you were drowning. You were looking up at him, your hands together and your fingers laced together. Bucky looked back down at you, sharing the sadness you shared. He was drafted, he’d be gone soon. Bucky’s hand pried yours apart, and he held one of your hands before he leaned over, kissing your temple. You turned to look at him, and next thing you knew you were kissing him roughly. It was like something took over you. You needed him, you loved him. Bucky groaned at the force behind your kiss, and you kept kissing him, pulling him down into you. You were lying back on the bed and Bucky was on top of you, kissing you silly. Occasionally you would break the kiss to breathe, lips still brushing gently before he would go back in or you would pull at his collar, unable to take the teasing.

You and Bucky made love for the first time that night. It was everything you would have thought that it would have been. Hand holding, senseless kisses, emotions running rampant and an unkempt heartbeat erupting from both of your chests. Weak smiles, huffs of laughs, reddened cheeks. It was everything you ever wanted and more. Bucky was so perfect in your eyes, and you were glad you had the opportunity to show him how much you cared for him. But, when you woke up to an empty apartment, your heart ached.

Weeks later, cold ran through your veins when you got the letter.

“Dear Ms. (L/n),
It is with real sorrow that I write this letter, for it brings you I am afraid very bad news about your friend Sergeant Barnes.”